NGU receives Summer Program students from BGSU in Ohio, USA


 NGU has been receiving a group from BGSU every year since 2002 as part of our student exchange agreement. This is the 11th year.

 This year's group consisted of 10 students and one teacher.
 They arrived in Nagoya on the evening of June 13th, and devoted themselves to their hard schedule for one month. They experienced various lessons such as traditional martial arts, shaping and painting of ceramics, Ikebana or flower arrangement, dressing in yukatas and so on. T he group visited Shirakawago, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima, well- known places and world heritage sites.

 Many NGU students helped to host the BGSU group. NGU students showed the BGSU visitors around campus, introduced the Japanese way of thinking and lifestyle, and helped them practice speaking Japanese.  On July 12th, BGSU students finished their program and left NGU to return home.

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